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Kennel labradors  "LeeNora Best"

Date: 14/06/2012

RUS CH Lolek-Kociokwik Gold Park

Deepwater of Misty-Dreams

Carpenny Cory

CH Cornlands Wellington

Carpenny Walpole

Cornlands Lady Mimosa

Covetwood Emotions of Carpenny

Carpenny Bonhome

Cranspire Careless Whisper

Zazoe of Misty-Dreams

Guidline's Duplication

Applejack's King of the Road

Fieldvalley's Din Koria

Heaterbourne Royal Icing

Sandylands Royal Escort

Cambremer Chanel of Heaterbourne

Leila Kociokwik

Sireva Secret Agent for Foxrush

SH CH Foxrush Prime Suspect

Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby

Rocheby Heather Around Foxrush

Sireva Durban Deep

Simandem Kings Neptune

Foulby Hera of Sireva

Adventurer's Naughty Butnice

Chancellor Merry

Carromer's Mystery

Ardmargha Good Fortune

Mellows Killing Fantasy

Carromer's Charlie Chalk

Mellows Fair Fantasy

RUS CH Tapeatom Damask Rose

CH Taleem Out N About At Tapeatom

Rocheby Old Smokey

Rocheby Navy Blue

Rocheby Sailing By

Cambremer Royal Velvet At Rocheby

SH CH Rocheby Polkadot

Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby

SH CH Rocheby Acorn

Tapeatom Sugar And Spice At Taleem

Tapeatom Storm Force

Greenworth Master Oats

Tapeatom Busy Lizzy

Tapeatom Good Time Girl

SH CH Sandylands Gad-About

Tapeatom Lucy Locket

Tapeatom Libertine

Lapema's Leo Of Sandylands

CH Sandylands My Guy

CH Kupros Master Mariner

Sandylands Bramble

Jimjoy Topaz At Lapema

Teazledown Megastar Of Jimjoy

Jimjoy Fairy Doll

Tapeatom Gilly With A "G"

SH CH Sandylands Gentry

CH Sandylands My Guy

Sandylands Special Song

Tapeatom Faith

CH Trenow Brigadier

Ardmargha Gin Fizz At Tapeatom